What happens when we receive a bug report

Our response to bug reports have always been fast, normally within 12 hours of a report being submitted, a fix is ready for code quality tests. But what happens between the time we receive the report and the code quality tests.When we receive a report, it is tested to see if the bug can be reproduced, prioritized and categorized, it then makes it’s way to the programmer responsible for the code that generated the bug. The programmer will then inspect the code and locate the area of code that may of caused the bug and investigate a fix for the issue.

Upon investigating, the programmer will attempt to fix the issue, run tests on the fix before finally generating a patch file which is sent to code review and quality tests. If the code passes the quality gates and fixes the reported bug without introducing a new bug, the patch is rolled out as a hotfix, if the code does not pass these quality checks, a report is sent back to the programmer. This step is repeated untill the code passes.